Price of Virginity: China Rules Man Must Pay $5,000 to Woman in Virginity Lawsuit

A Chinese court ruled that women have a right to virginity in a recent case involving a lawsuit between a woman and a married man [...]

Can Vaccines Cause Autism? New Whistleblower Says Yes

Sonoran News reports that proof that Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccinations cause autism in a subset of children was allegedly hidden from the public by the Center for [...]

Sex Obsessed Wife Drives Husband to File for Divorce in India

A man was granted a divorce after bringing forth allegations that his wife was a sex addict and that her obsession made him fear for [...]

Thailand Surrogacy: Laws and Regulations for Clinics and Doctors

Though surrogacy in Thailand is currently neither expressly sanctioned nor prohibited by law, there are various rules and regulations that do currently govern medical clinics [...]

Business Laws Update: Foreigners in Thailand Can Operate More Businesses

Thailand issued an amendment to its Foreign Business Law in 2013 that gives foreigners the right to operate those businesses listed in the amendment, which [...]

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