Haitian Immigrants Granted Entry to U.S. without Visa

The Obama administration announced plans to expedite immigration for eligible Haitians under a new family reunification program, according to The Washington Times. The Haitian Family [...]

Greenpeace Loses Thailand Papaya GMO Case

Greenpeace accused Thailand’s Department of Agriculture of negligence in handling genetically modified papaya seeds in a case that was dismissed by the Thai Supreme Court [...]

Property Firms Don’t Agree with Proposed Thailand Condo Law Change

Several property management firms have expressed concerns that allowing condo units to be sold before settling outstanding common area management fees—as proposed in a new [...]

Buakaw Refuses to Fight Last Round of K-1 Max Championship

According to the Bangkok Post, Muay Thai fighter, Sombat “Buakaw” Banchamek, disqualified himself from the October K-1 Max championship fight after walking out of the [...]

John Oliver: Police Officers Can Legally Steal From Citizens to Buy ‘Toys’ Under Civil Forfeiture Laws

John Oliver discusses civil asset forfeiture on HBO’s This Week Tonight, and exposes how police departments across the U.S. are using this legislation to seize [...]

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