Alabama Judge: Give Blood if You Can’t Pay Fines

An Alabama judge found an unusual way for defendants to pay off debts they can’t afford: give blood. As Activist Post reports, Judge Marvin Wiggins […]

Facebook User in Egypt Given Three Years for Joke

Another attack on free speech this month, this time in Egypt. Facebook user, Amr Nohan put some comedy Micky Mouse ears on a photo of […]

Herd of Elephants Attacks Motorbike

This Sunday 18th October, a herd of wild elephants attacked a motorcyclist in Khao Yai National Park. The matriarch of the group screeched and made […]

“Jet-Setting Monk” Sought For Extradition

A former holy man known as the “jet-setting monk” is hiding out in the states while the Department of Special Investigation and Attorney General’s Office […]

Thai Police Mega Crackdown on Pirated Software

Thai society may not be fully aware of the implications of using pirated goods, but unfortunately, ignorance is not going to help when faced with […]

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