Man Being Monitored for Ebola in Thailand Found After Country-Wide Search

A man visiting Thailand from Sierra Leone was found by Thai officials after sparking a police search when he missed health checkups to monitor him [...]

New Survey Exposes Corruption in Thailand Land Offices, Police Department

Chulalongkorn University released the results of a survey on corruption in Thailand and respondents’ answers show that Thailand’s land offices took the most bribes to [...]

Victory for Animal Rights in Thailand

According to the Bangkok Post, Thailand’s Nataional Legislative Assembly approved an animal welfare bill—the first in the country’s history to punish people who abuse or [...]

Chinese Gang Busted for Making ‘Toxic’ Tofu

Chinese police discovered a batch of 10 ton tofu made with bleach and other unsafe ingredients, reports International Business Times. Police suspect that at least [...]

Controversial Patriot Act Mainly Used for Drug Investigations, not Terrorism

Surprise! Controversial Patriot Act power now overwhelmingly used in drug investigations by Radley Balko republished from The Washington Post: One of the more controversial provisions [...]

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