Khaosan Road Interview: Ban on Street Food

Thailawforum took to the streets of Khaosan to ask tourists and locals their thoughts on the government’s street food ban The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) announced […]

Pizzagate 2: Child Sex Abuse in Asia

A report on the Asian pedophile network   From Thailawforum On Sunday it was reported that up to 400 gigabytes of child pornography was found […]

Pizzagate and the Western Pedophiles Lurking in Southeast Asia

What we should take from the alleged story taking over the internet   From Thailawforum There has been a major shift in attention from the […]

New Pet Law in Illinois Could See Owners Jailed or Given Large Fines

Illinois has introduced a new law protecting cats and dogs being left outside in extreme weather. Pet owners will now be fined $2,500 or face […]

New York Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that insurance companies, including Medicaid will no longer be covering gay conversion therapy, which claims to turn homosexual […]

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