John Oliver: Police Officers Can Legally Steal From Citizens to Buy ‘Toys’ Under Civil Forfeiture Laws

John Oliver discusses civil asset forfeiture on HBO’s This Week Tonight, and exposes how police departments across the U.S. are using this legislation to seize [...]

Australia’s Lack of Laws for Commercial Surrogacy is Creating a ‘Ticking-Time Bomb’

The Australian government needs to review its surrogacy laws with a national inquiry said two senior judges this month, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). [...]

‘Fake’ White Chocolate Case Against Ghirardelli Settled for $5 Million

One customer noticed that Ghirardelli’s white chocolate chips didn’t contain white chocolate ingredients, leading to a class action lawsuit that the giant chocolatier settled for [...]

Nightlife Workers in Cambodia Granted Rights under Labor Law Update

The Bangkok Post reports that Cambodia passed regulations to protect the worker’s rights of employees of nightclubs and other adult entertainment venues. The U.N. commended [...]

Critics Call UN’s Anti-Terrorism Resolution ‘Global Patriot Act’

Correspondents for RT’s Breaking the Set discuss the anti-terrorism measure unanimously passed by the United Nations Security Council, which they claim could lead to greater [...]

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