Under Review: Surrogacy Laws in Thailand

Thai Law Forum published an unofficial English translation of Thailand’s draft surrogacy laws. The draft laws, known as the Protection of Children Born as a [...]

Monkey Selfies’ Can’t be Copyrighted in Policy Update

According to the ABA Journal, the U.S. Copyright Office updated its rules and regulations to specify that works produced by nature, animals, or plants don’t [...]

Students in China Blame University for Cancer Rise

Students from the Huazhong Agricultural University in China were purportedly fed genetically modified rice leading to a rise of leukemia cases, according to Sustainable Pulse. [...]

Pedophile’ Father from Thailand Surrogacy Scandal Under Investigation

Australian authorities are probing baby Gammy’s Australian father who did jail time as a child sex offender, according to Firstpost.com. Baby Gammy was born with [...]

Bill to Ban Commercial Surrogacy Advances in Thailand

Surrogacy in Thailand came under international scrutiny after the two separate cases of baby Gammy and a potential surrogacy baby factory were exposed in news [...]

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