Hot! Australia’s Lack of Laws for Commercial Surrogacy is Creating a ‘Ticking-Time Bomb’

Pregnancy The Australian government needs to review its surrogacy laws with a national inquiry said two senior judges this month, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Family Court Chief Justice Diana Byrant said, according to ABC, that a lot of couples intentionally break surrogacy laws—which vary by state and territory and are often times loosely enforced—in order to start a family, which “puts the courts in a difficult position.”

“It’s not fair on the kids, it’s not fair on the families that they’ve been forced into that situation by a system in Australia that’s failed them,” said Sam Everington the president of Surrogacy Australia.

The family lawyers at Chaninat and Leeds have been counseling and assisting clients on Thailand child custody since 1997.

John Pascoe, the Chief Judge for the Federal Circuit Court, said the government should investigate how to effectively protect the human rights of all parties involved in surrogacy transactions—the children, the commissioning parents, and the surrogate mothers.

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