Government agencies and pro advocate marijuana groups in Thailand have been buzzing since the dismissal of the almost legalization of medical marijuana. It has brought up the topic of how close Thailand is to legalizing the plant and the obstacles still in place.

A not so pro advocate for medical marijuana, Dr. Petch Alisanant, speaks out against the use of the plant for medical purposes. He agrees that Thailand has the conditions to grow the plant well, inducing possible business ventures. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of trials and research of medical marijuana.

Watch Thai Law Forum’s interview, for more on his perspective.

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Full_moon_party_haadrinThai authorities raided Bello bar on the infamous “Full Moon Party” beach on Koh Phangan. They were given information that the bar was selling fruit smoothies blended with hallucinogenic mushrooms and nitrous oxide in the form of “laughing gas” in balloons.

These were sold to both Thai and foreign tourists on New Years. Magic Mushrooms is considered a type 5 narcotic drug and the three bar owners were charged on trade, possession and selling nitrous oxide without a permit.

The bar sold the smoothies for 300 baht a glass and 150 baht a balloon (depending on the size). The raid was carried out by the Forth Army and Koh Phangan police.

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Image: Full Moon Party Haad Rin


PTT Metro Forest is Urban Oasis in Bangkok

February 13, 2018

The Metro Forest is a man made forest featured in the Eastern suburbs of Bangkok, just 6 km from the International airport. It was created to combat Bangkok’s consistent issues of pollution and deforestation. The loss of plants and trees that were holding the city together due to city expansion may have devastating effects on Bangkok. The Project, […]

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Thai Environmental Groups Press for Investigation into Trophy Hunting Case

February 12, 2018

Environmental groups have protested against a Italian-Thai developer and his trophy hunting ( case of an endangered Indochinese leopard. Among the protesting groups include clubs from Thailand’s top universities and international environmental groups such as LoveWildlife and Green World Foundation. These groups have pressed for a full on investigation as to whether the law was […]

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