Majority of Israeli MPs Support Banning Lapdances

by admin on September 12, 2018

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Israeli prosecutors and legislators are joining forces in huge numbers in an attempt to ban lapdances in the Middle Eastern nation.

On one side, prosecutors are going after strip clubs for offering the salacious activity, while prominent lawmakers are backing a bill that would make lapdances outright banned as “an act of prostitution”.

In Israel, prostitution is actually legal but recently a bill was passed that fines punters for paying for sex.

And while the act itself is legal for women to engage in, soliciting clients, pimping, and running a brothel all constitute a punishable offense under Israeli law, essentially making the practice of prostitution illegal for all intents and purposes.

The new measure against lapdances is the latest move by the leading conservative party of Israel in criminalizing prostitution.

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750px-Thai_fishing_boatsThe Thai Fisheries Department has issued a new policy where fishing boats with fishing permits must have an identification code depicted on the side of their boats before the end of May.

Couples requiring a Thailand divorce Attorney must meet the grounds of divorce in Thailand, having one of the spouses residing in the country. 

Dr. Promthep, Director-General of the Department says the new policy will hopefully combat human trafficking and illegal fishing issues. The code will help people to also identify to others which boat they are on. The codes will be made up of four sets of letters and numbers.

The Director-General explains that the letters will signal which location the boat is meant to be in and how much the vessel weighs. The numbers will identify the registration number of the boat.

The identification code requirement came into effect early April and was established in the Royal Gazette.

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In pursuit for a better ranking in the US State Department annual Trafficking in Persons Report, the Thai government has ramped up anti trafficking campaigns displayed at the international airport, public transit stations and shopping malls. Last year, Thailand had ranked on Tier 2, just above the lowest ranking Tier 3. Thailand has turned to “advocacy […]

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