Australians Could be Arrested for Sex Outside Marriage in Bali

by admin on September 25, 2017


According to 9Honey, Australians are being warned of a possible change in Indonesian law that could see them arrested for having sex outside of marriage in Bali.

This came after Family Love Alliance, an Islamic activist group, filed a petition with Indonesia’s Constitutional Court to outlaw any consensual between couples who aren’t married.

The petition has been called “ill-informed and bigoted” by Andreas Harsano, a researcher for Human Rights Watch Indonesia, who warned that the potential new law could be used to charge same-sex couples.

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Indonesia is predominantly Muslim and is known for its conservative values, with death sentences handed out for drug trafficking crimes and lashes being given to homosexuals caught in same-sex relationships.

Despite this, it’s a wildly popular tourist spot for Australians, who flock to Bali for surfing and partying.

“If it becomes a national law Australians could be punished”, Harsano said.

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