Thailand Activists will Not let Panther Killer Walk Free

by admin on March 15, 2018

JaguarThe CEO of Construction Company Italian-Thai Development has denied all charges of hunting a black panther in a wildlife sanctuary, says Deputy Police Commander Srivara, who is investigating the case.

Activist groups nationwide have gathered at shrines to pray for justice and have painted portraits of the panther all over the country on public walls and homes. Groups such as “Love Country, Love Black Panther” have lobbied for Srivara to be taken off the case due to suspected favoritism of the construction mogul.

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A local professor and activist in Chiang Mai has opened his home for people to paint murals of the panther since they are being erased all over the country faster than they are being put up. He explains that the outcome of this case is critical to Thai Society, as a negative outcome will see Thai people “[suffering] psychologically”.

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Black Panther

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