Connect Four Bar Game Banned in Thailand

by admin on April 3, 2018

800px-Connect_Four_Pattaya_2006Under the Thai government’s recent crackdown on gambling, what seems like innocent games played at bars such as connect four have been targeted by undercover police. These activities are reported to be connected to “foreign mafia” and classified as illegal gambling.

An undercover policeman at a Pattaya Resort allegedly witnessed, tourists gambling using the game of connect four. The crackdown follows attempts to license darts and arrest bridge players last year in the beach side town. The undercover police comments that the “tourist friendly” image of Pattaya was at stake.

The police have also banned jenga based on the Junta’s assumed illegal gambling list. A government spokesperson explains that the Junta wanted to put an end to crime and “restore happiness”. They plan to distribute connect the dots pictures to bars for a more wholesome activity.

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Image: Connect Four Pattaya

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