Hemp Cultivation and What it Means for Thailand

by admin on March 7, 2018

Thai Law Forum discussed with hemp clothing developers in Chiang Mai about the use of hemp in Thailand and the extent to its legality. The government has set up a handful of stations that grow the plant but at this stage it is for research purposes.

However, with government permission, store owners are able to obtain a limited amount of hemp to incorporate into their products. The entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for the plant to be fully legalized so they can start industrializing the plant.

Machines to manufacture hemp are illegal in Thailand, therefore the process for making hemp fabrics is slow, so clothing designers have to also rely on expensive hemp material from Laos, China and Italy.

Current legal issues are discussed in the Thailand Family Law Center by Thailand family lawyers.

For more information watch Thai Law Forum’s interview with Khun Jack, Khun Nuansi and Jimi Hemp.

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