Thai Historian to be Prosecuted under Lese Majeste Law

by admin on December 14, 2017


Sulak Sivaraksa (84) was charged last October under the law that protects the Monarch over a famous elephant back duel involving the Thai king and Burmese prince about 500 years ago. He says the fight may have never happened and British historian, Chris Baker, adds that the story has low credibility with the various accounts told by the Thai, Burmese and French.

The military agreed to delay his court hearing until next year to hear perspectives from other expert historians. Thailand’s Lese Majeste law is the strictest in the world with punishments ranging from 3-15 years in prison. Bryan Adams, director of Asia Human Rights Watch commented that the severity of the law “has reached new heights” when a scholar is charged for doing his job.

If Sulak’s case continues, Thailand’s freedom of speech and academic freedom will take a hard hit.

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