Magic Mushroom and Laughing Gas Bar Shut Down in Koh Phangan

by admin on February 20, 2018

Full_moon_party_haadrinThai authorities raided Bello bar on the infamous “Full Moon Party” beach on Koh Phangan. They were given information that the bar was selling fruit smoothies blended with hallucinogenic mushrooms and nitrous oxide in the form of “laughing gas” in balloons.

These were sold to both Thai and foreign tourists on New Years. Magic Mushrooms is considered a type 5 narcotic drug and the three bar owners were charged on trade, possession and selling nitrous oxide without a permit.

The bar sold the smoothies for 300 baht a glass and 150 baht a balloon (depending on the size). The raid was carried out by the Forth Army and Koh Phangan police.

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Image: Full Moon Party Haad Rin

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