Thailand to Implement Law Allowing the Sale of Medical Marijuana

by admin on January 18, 2018


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Khao Sod has discussed the potential legalization of medical marijuana with Narcotics Control Board Director, Sirinya Sitdhichai. The narcotics policy that was revised last year is currently awaiting approval from the Cabinet; it is from there that the Junta-appointed Parliament will cast the final vote.

Sirinya adds that he predicts little opposition from lawmakers as various government agencies, such as health and law, have shown no opposition. The new policy will allow for people to purchase medical marijuana “over-the-counter” with a doctor’s prescription. However, the revised policy will not include the cultivation of the plant at home or for recreational use. Doctors are still debating whether it is safe to legalize the recreational use of marijuana as it may be damaging for developing children if they get their hands on it.

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Thailand’s narcotics law has radically changed over the years, from a decade ago where 2,500 drug offenders in a bloody campaign on war were executed. The Justice Minister in 2016, had announced that the war on drugs had failed and it was imperative to follow in the footsteps of developed nations in focusing on the decriminalization and common sense regulation of marijuana.

For more information on Medical Marijuana in Thailand, watch ThaiLawForum’s interview with dermatologist Dr. Somyot Kittimunkong for more information:

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