New Law Passes to Protect the Thailand Constitutional Court from Criticism

by admin on March 13, 2018

590px-ThaiConCourt-Seal-002A new law had been introduced where those found guilty of criticizing the Thai Constitutional Court will be fined 50,000 baht and a month in jail. Critiques of the court are allowed however, if they involve rude, demeaning or threatening words than the critique is considered a crime.

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The new law will come under a “violation of court powers” which means the court will handle the case as the defendant, investigator and judge. A manager of a legal monitoring group, Yingcheep Atchanont, has advised against the use of this new law. Criticism of the court used to come under the defamation law, a punishable offense of up to two years.

The 31 page law will also allow the court to handle cases between state agencies and for citizens to directly approach the court with complaints.

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Image: Thai Con Court Seal

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