Royal Thai Police Assure that there is still an Interpol Red Notice for Red Bull Heir

by admin on March 20, 2018

8502409652_faa420a9fc_zThe latest investigation has shown that Boss Yoovidhya has not been in any Interpol member country or a country with an extradition agreement with Thailand. Boss is wanted for avoiding his court case of a hit and run with a police officer in 2012.

Colonel Krissana Pattanachareon, a spokesperson from the RTP says that the Red Notice for Boss is still active even though it is not apparent on the Interpol website. He further comments that the RTP are using other means of communication with member countries of the Interpol to track him down.

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Out of the four charges against him, three have expired; the one still valid for another decade includes “reckless driving causing death”. Under Interpol procedure, a Red Notice can extradite the arrest of a wanted person.

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