Senegal, the Only Country in Africa with Sex Worker Regulation

by admin on April 20, 2018

800px-Aids_is_commons_in_AfricaPost French colony, Senegal, boasts one of the lowest HIV prevalence rates in Africa, reports the Economist. This dates back to French legislation that required the regulation of sex workers in order to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases in Senegal.

After independence from France, Senegal is now the only country in Africa that regulates prostitution. Senegal law allows a woman the right to sex work if she is over the age of 21. Sex workers must have monthly health checkups and are issued a sex worker identification card that provides them with free education initiatives as well as healthcare.

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If a sex worker is found to have HIV they may still practice prostitution as long as they are on antiretroviral drugs that are given to them for free. The downside of the regulation is that not all sex workers identify themselves as they are concerned about discrimination or police taking advantage of them.

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AIDS is Commons in Africa

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