Thailand Anti Human Trafficking Campaign

by admin on April 20, 2018

Thai_Airways_International_Boeing_747-400;_HS-TGO@HKG;04.08.2011_615gp_(6207799792)In pursuit for a better ranking in the US State Department annual Trafficking in Persons Report, the Thai government has ramped up anti trafficking campaigns displayed at the international airport, public transit stations and shopping malls. Last year, Thailand had ranked on Tier 2, just above the lowest ranking Tier 3.

Thailand has turned to “advocacy tourism” and is aiming at the tourism industry for best efforts in combatting the human trafficking issue, says a Thai government spokesperson. The government has announced that Thai airways have featured anti trafficking in flight videos on international routes since February.

An anti-trafficking Australian based group is also training hotel staff in Pattaya on sex trafficking signs. The Thai government hopes to move Thailand forward as a “quality destination” that is against sex tourism.

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The Hague Convention on Child Abduction allows for claims by parents who have had their child abducted.

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