Hot! Business Laws Update: Foreigners in Thailand Can Operate More Businesses

PenThailand issued an amendment to its Foreign Business Law in 2013 that gives foreigners the right to operate those businesses listed in the amendment, which are in the “service businesses” category, without a foreign business license.

Thailand’s Foreign Business Act restricts non-Thai nationals and companies with non-Thai majority shareholders from operating a variety of protected businesses seen as valuable to the nation. The Thai Foreign Business Law Amendment excluded several types of “service business” activities from being restricted to foreigners. This gives non-Thai nationals and non-Thai majority companies the right to pursue those business activities specified without prior authorization.

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Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce said it will propose further amendments to the FBA to the Cabinet, according to The Nation.

Pongpun Gearaviriyapun, director-general of the Business Development Department, said the proposed amendments include permitting non-Thais to operate even more currently protected business activities in an effort to enable Thailand to “compete under the coming regional integration.”

Read the Thailand Foreign Business Act Amendment summary.

Read the Thailand Foreign Business Act Amendment English translation.


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