Hot! Columbian “Zombie” Drug Used to Steal Millions in Paris Muggings

Three people in Paris have been arrested on suspicion of blowing “devils breath” drug into people’s faces, and mugging them after they fall into a hypnotic trance, reports CNET.

Image Credit: Seongbin Im (Flickr)

Angel’s Trumpet, from the Solanaceae family, contain the chemical scopolamine. Image Credit: Seongbin Im (Flickr)

Police in Paris have arrested two Chinese women and a man, for using the Colombian drug which is known to turn people into compliant “zombies.” This is the first reported attempt of such a crime.

The women, 42 and 59, apparently would approach strangers and blow a powdered version of the drug into their face which swiftly put them into a hypnotic state. They would then take the victims home and ask them to hand over all money and jewelry. Police report that one Parisian lost €100,000 in cash and valuables this way. It is thought the three have obtained millions of dollars worth of valuables this way.

The drug, lethal in large doses, has a colorful history, and was reportedly used by the Soviets and the CIA as a truth serum during the Cold War. It causes strong hallucinations and supposedly robs a person of their free will.

It contains scopolamine, a chemical extracted from a South American tree, which is related to deadly nightshade or belladonna. Recently, it’s been discovered to have been used in low doses as a medicine in Ottoman times.

Chinese authorities informed French polices that the three belonged to a notorious Chinese criminal network, which works around the world, specializing in mental submission by using unknown substances. Other members of the same gang have reportedly been arrested in China and South Korea.

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