Hot! Cryogenics Firm Sued for Freezing Man’s Head, But Cremating His Body

A cryogenics firm is in facing legal troubles after accidentally freezing a man’s head instead of his entire body.

Kurt Pilgeram, the son of the deceased man filed a $1 million lawsuit after alleging that Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a Pheonix-based cryogenics company, sent him his father’s cremated remains but the head was missing, apparently frozen at the company’s storage center.

The father, Laurence Pilgeram, was a prominent anti-aging scientist passed away from an apparent heart attack in 2015.

The elder Pilgeram was the cryogenics business’ 135th frozen patient.

Alcor charges $200,000 to freeze a whole body and $50,000 to freeze a head.

The trial is set to take place in January 2019.

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