Hot! Facebook User in Egypt Given Three Years for Joke

Another attack on free speech this month, this time in Egypt.

Facebook user, Amr Nohan put some comedy Micky Mouse ears on a photo of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and posted it to the social networking site.

As Global Voices reports, he was tried by a military court and has been charged with three years for an “attempt to overthrow the regime.”

A great many Egyptians have reposted the image, and have expressed their outrage over his sentence.

Thai criminal defense attorneys Chaninat and Leeds have been defending foreigners in Thailand since 1997.

Blogger Jonathan Turley commented:

“Everyone has a obligation to post this picture as widely as possible in response to the latest attack on free speech. If Sisi was not a bad joke before the sentencing, he is now.”

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