Hot! Murders Driven by Spite over Thailand Divorce

Many Thai-foreign marriages in Thailand end up successful and happy. However, aThailand divorce may be the only solution to a marriage that is failing. Divorce and separation can be a bitter process and an alienated spouse can potentially be dangerous. In the most extreme examples, a small percentage of divorces inThailand have led to the murders of foreign spouses.

For example, a 32 year-old Thai wife and her mother plotted the death of her estranged husband, South African Oswald Heinrich Duvel, in the middle of a heated custody battle over their son in Thai courts.  Duvel was shot dead on the head in October 2012 by the ex-wife’s alleged “new husband”.  The former Mrs. Duvel and her mother confessed to the murder.

In another case, Thai wife, Wacheerawan was ejected from her home by her British husband Ian Beeston. Furious Wacheerawan conspired with her Thai lover to kill Beeston. Beeston was beaten and stabbed to death in August 2008.  Wacheerawan and her lover were arrested and charged.

Pannada Laoruang was accused of having her British husband Toby Charnaud brutally murdered by her relatives after divorcing her when she ran up massive gambling debts. Charnaud was clubbed to death with an iron bar and wooden staves, barbecued, chopped into pieces in March 2005. Laoruang and her relatives are currently serving life imprisonment since 2006.

Divorce can be a safe and predictable process for most couples. However, as long as human nature is what it is, a divorce can turn into a violent nightmare. The safety process starts with being aware of what an alienated spouse is capable of doing. Planning for safety also involves legal assistance of a qualified Thailand divorce attorney

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