Hot! New Survey Exposes Corruption in Thailand Land Offices, Police Department

Chulalongkorn University released the results of a survey on corruption in Thailand and respondents’ answers show that Thailand’s land offices took the most bribes to render services, reports The Nation.

The results of the survey, titled “Corruption in the Thai Bureaucracy in 2014: A Survey of Attitudes and Experiences of Heads of Households,” were collected from 6,048 heads of Thai households between January and February 2014.

The real estate lawyers at Chaninat and Leeds are experts on Thailand land purchase laws and have been assisting clients with land sales and purchases since 1997.

The land offices and the police department ranked first and second on the amount of times officials accepted bribes and on the total amount of bribe money collected. In total, the survey reported estimates that land offices took 1.9 billion baht in bribes, the police took 1.7 billion, and public schools took 640 million.

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