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In September of 2017, a 14 year old from the village of Ko Raet in Phang Nga, accused 40 men of gang raping her the previous year. Of the 40 men, only 11 have been indicted on multiple charges, 29 of the men are still at large, mainly because the girl does not know their names but is aware they are from her community.

The victim recalled the men breaking into her home, kidnapping and raping her repeatedly. She adds that she is not the first one to have such a horrific crime happen to her in the village. Under Thai law those convicted of raping a child under the age of 15 face 4-20 years in prison or fines from 8-40,000 baht.

The victim remains anonymous as she is currently under the witness protection program. The president of the Muslims for Peace Foundation, who is providing legal assistance to the girl and her family comment that when the news first broke out nobody believed her. However, as more information and evidence came to light the village is beginning to believe her.

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