Hot! Price of Virginity: China Rules Man Must Pay $5,000 to Woman in Virginity Lawsuit

Court SettlementA Chinese court ruled that women have a right to virginity in a recent case involving a lawsuit between a woman and a married man who tricked her out of her virginity, according to Raw Story.

The plaintiff dated and had sexual relations with a man whom she thought was single, until he “suddenly broke off contact” and she consequently discovered he was married, reports Raw Story.

A lawsuit ensued and the court ruled in the woman’s favor, stating that the right to virginity was protected by law and “ought to be compensated.”

Virginity as a property right is purported in other traditional cultures, such as in Thailand, through the practice of dowries, which are often priced based on a woman’s virginity.In Thailand, the dowry itself is not legally required for to register a marriage in Thailand, but its value can be uphold in a family court if a formal agreement is present between the bride’s family and the groom.

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