Hot! Running a Drug Rehab in Thailand (Video)

“Rehab” by Sammi Doll is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Rehab” by Sammi Doll is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Hope Rehab Center Thailand is a drug and addiction treatment center in Sriracha, Thailand and was founded by drug addiction counselor Simon Mott.

Thailand business regulations can be complex to navigate alone, said Mott, and he recommended using a reputable law firm and to take advantage of local resources and assistance. Still, Mott said he would only choose to open his business in Thailand.

“I believe the future of this type of business – health care in particular – is very much in Asia for westerners, because we’ve priced ourselves out of the market,” said Mott.

Treatment at Hope Rehab is a fraction of the cost of western counterparts because the low cost of living allows him to operate and staff his facility for much less than in the West, said Mott.

On the government’s voluntary drug rehab program and free rehab treatment centers, Mott said, though they should invest in new ideas for the treatment of addiction, he is positive about Thailand’s infrastructure of rehabilitation across the country.

“Many people are mistaken to believe it’s a poor country and many people can’t afford basic necessities. It’s not true,” said Mott. “The truth is they have a public health care system and they get all their basic needs met in that respect.”

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