Hot! Serial ‘Dine and Dash Dater’ Set for Trial in California

A California court has begun hearing witness testimony in the case of a 45-year-old professional “dine and dasher”.

If enough evidence is found against the man, Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, he will stand trial and face time in state prison on eight felony extortion counts involving 10 women.

According to testimony from the first victim, she and Gonzales had met on an online dating set and agreed to go on a date at Chipotle, a fast-casual dining restaurant.

But upon arriving, Gonzales talked the woman into heading to another much more expensive restaurant around the corner, telling her that he would pick up the bill at the end of their dinner date.

As the dinner winded down, however, Gonzales claimed that he had to urgently facetime with his kids outside but that he would be right back. He never came back and she was forced to pay the $200 tab.

“The defendant frequented restaurants with the intent of ordering expensive meals without paying for them,” said the court filing. “Rather than simply ‘dine and dash’ on the restaurant’s dime, he set up a third party to take the fall.”

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