Hot! Thai Cave Divers Received Diplomatic Immunity Before Rescue

Two of the Australian divers involved in the risky, three-day-long rescue operation of a Thai youth football team trapped in a flooded cave, received diplomatic immunity before the mission to protect them from liability in case something went wrong.

The two cave diving experts played key roles in safely rescuing the children and their coach from the deep and complex flooded tunnels.

Australian and Thai officials worked together to give the two diving specialists diplomatic immunity.

Craig Challen, one of the two divers, said that the mission was “absolutely life or death” and he couldn’t guarantee that they could successfully bring the boys out safely.

Challen also said that the boys were heavily sedated with drugs so they wouldn’t panic during the treacherous rescue mission, which probably would have gotten themselves and their rescuers killed.

Challen and his Australian diving counterpart, Richard Harris, said they practiced at a local pool in the area with children in preparation of the mission.

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