Hot! Thailand Cuts Down on Alcohol Sales Near Colleges

Changes issued by the The Ministry of Public Health mean that alcohol sales will be banned near universities and schools, reports the Bangkok Post.

Image Credit: Simon Cocks (Flickr)

Image Credit: Simon Cocks (Flickr)

The new regulation, which will be in effect next month, states that all bars, clubs and stores that sit within a 300 meter radius of higher education institutions, will be prohibited from selling alcohol.

The Ministry of Public Health have stated that these measures are to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent alcohol related issues, such as underage sex.

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Thanakorn Kuptajit, president of the Thai Alcoholic Beverage Business Association, is quoted on Coconuts Bangkok as saying, “I was shocked when I found out about this law yesterday […] The actual law itself is unable to be interpreted. For example, what distance is considered ‘near?’”

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