Hot! Thailand Named the World’s Deadliest Destination for Australians

According to 9 News, Thailand is the most dangerous destination in the world for Australians, with more Aussie tourists dying here than in any other country worldwide.

Last year alone, 203 Australians died in the country and a further 74 went missing. Other countries ranking high on the list were the Philippines (126), Indonesia (107) and the US (99).

Investigators and attorneys at Chaninat & Leeds help to find missing persons in Thailand

The leading cause of death in Australian tourists is illness, although many cases are much more sinister. Of all deaths of Australians abroad last year, 68 were suicides and 45 were murder cases.

However, Australians aren’t the most likely foreigners to die in Thailand. According to Farang Death, a site which has recorded deaths of foreigners in the country since 2014, the British people die in Thailand at a rate higher than any other nationality.

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Image: Roberto Trombetta