Hot! Will the NSA Stop Mass Surveillance?

With the recent introduction of the USA Freedom Act it looks like the notoriously secretive NSA will have to end its mass surveillance metadata of telephone communications.

Or will it?

Image Credit: Frederic BISSON (Flickr)

You are being watched. Image Credit: Frederic BISSON (Flickr)

The Act was signed into law earlier this year, and has now been in action since November 29th at midnight.

However, according to Activist Post, the NSA’s surveillance system hasn’t been de-activated. The only thing to have changed is the way the data is collected.

Under the new Act, they can no longer cite article 215 of the Patriot Act, which allowed them to collect phone data free of restrictions. Now, when the NSA is given a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court they can collect data only when in line with specific terms within the warrant, and have to conduct all investigations regarding this information in six months.

Some NSA critics have said that this is not a hindrance but an expansion of their powers.

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