Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Thailand
13 September 2012
A recent Human Right Watch press conference discussed the current situation for refugees and asylum seekers in Thailand. According to the organization the lack of a legal framework leaves refugees and asylum seekers in a precarious state.
Special Education in Thailand
5 September 2012
The Sataban Sawang Foundation in Bangkok Thailand is a training center for special education and service.  The foundation is geared toward those who have mental retardation, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and other developmental disorders.
Bangkok’s Human Body Exhibit
24 August 2012
Asia’s first Museum of the Human Body has been opened for visitors at Chulalongkorn University. The exhibit contains over THB$100 million of whole corpses and internal organs. Located on the ninth floor of the Dent 16 Building, the exhibition is divided into seven categories.
Myanmar Opens up for Business
9 August 2012
With the new political reforms in Myanmar (previously known as Burma) the country has undergone big changes bringing in an influx of tourism and outside investment. Along with a tourism boom and foreign business purchases Myanmar has started infrastructure projects.
Weird Stories on Khao San Road
17 August 2012
Every traveler that comes to Thailand will leave with their own unique, bizarre, or just plain silly story about their time in the Kingdom. One visitor witnessed a man walking a squirrel on a leash
Beggars in Bangkok Interviews
5 July 2012
We conducted interviews of some of Bangkok’s beggars on Sukhumvit Road. We found that the majority were homeless people. There were single people, families and orphans. Some appeared to have mental illness or addiction problems. Many of the Bangkok Beggars were from Cambodia.
Prostitution from an Investigator’s Experience
2 July 2012
Former private investigator and author Warren Olson has seen his share of prostitution. Most of his cases delt with bar girls, massage girls and the mamasans. Even though prostitution is illegal it can still be easily found along with the many sexpats and sex tourists that come soley for sexual pleasures.
Leaving Behind Prostitution
13 July 2012
For any woman wanting to leave behind a life of prostitution there are options. NightLight, a Bangkok-based NGO, is one of these options. The organization focuses on helping women get out of Thailand’s protitution rings by providing them jobs.
Healthy Dining in Bangkok
16 July 2012
So much food is filled with artificial additives, MSG, too much sugar, and a number of other unhealthy ingredients. At Lemon Farm in Bangkok customers don’t need to worry about their food as the store cum restaurant is an organic and macrobiotic based eatery.
Fleeing from North Korea
22 August 2012
North Korea has been a known country of political supremacy where nationals are brainwashed excluded from the outside world. Thailand has been a hub for those that do escape, where many are then able to start a new life in South Korea. There is also the controversial subject of the North Korean abductions.